Weldless Pressure Transfer Chapman Fermenter Modificaiton

Posted on October 21st, 2022.

Here's how homebrewers are adding features to our gear

Fermenter Pressure Transfer Setup

This modification is brought to you by Jim Wolseifer in Smithtown, NY. In brief, he added a thermowell and a 1.5" TC port to accommodate both a blow-off tube and a pressurized transfer fitting.

Pressure transfers are useful not only for eliminating exposure to oxygen while transferring, but also to enable a hands free transfer without the need for a port.

Parts list:

1.5 TC Pressurized transfer fitting from SS Brew Tech


1.5 TC to 1” house barb from Brewers Hardware


1.5 TC Bulkhead and thermowell from BrewHardware 


 *Chapman Brewing Equipment, LLC is not affiliated with ssbrewtech.com, brewershardware.com, or brewhardware.com, but I do think Bobby from Brew Hardware is a standup gentleman.

If you have modified any of our gear, please take some pictures and show us what you've done! We love when brewers add to our equipment to increase their functionality or just to make them their own. And we love sharing those modifications with other brewers.

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