UniVessel Fermenter Modified as Dedicated Souring Kettle

Posted on October 19th, 2022.

We recently started advertising the ability to use the UniVessel as a kettle as well as a fermenter. And this modification below really goes to show the versatility of the UniVessel in what it can become with the right mindset.

This modification comes from Stacey Brown, Yuba City, CA.

I added a coupling and thermowell, insulated it with ridged foam on the bottom and thermowrap on the sides. Stuck a reptile heater on the side under the insulation and added a tri-clamp on the lid and a gas ball lock post on top to purge with co2. Pump my wort in at lacto pitching temp (90-95), put on the air lock, purge with co2 and plug into temp controller. 3 days at 90 degrees and I have pH down to 3.2-3.6, perfect for my Gose or berlinerweiss.

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