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ThermoBarrel Mash Tun

The ThermoBarrel is a fully insulated, stainless steel mash tun. It's the best mash tuns for infusion mashing, period!

For decades brewers have been limited to modified plastic coolers as mash tuns. For those brewers looking for an alternative, there's finally an option. 

The stainless steel serves several benefits. It's long lasting, it prevents any leaching of plastics, and it's easier to clean. 

The foam insulation design gives the tun heat retention better than any other homebrewing mash tun currently available on the market. In fact, if the tun is pre-heated with near boiling water, it can actually raise the temperature a few degrees during initial mash phase.


  • Top of the top port is 2" from the rim
  • Bottom of the bottom port is 3.5" from the base externally and 1.5" from the base internally.
  • Thermometer is submerged when filled to about 40% capacity and above.
  • 10 gallon (10.5 gallon capacity filled to brim)
  • Inner dimensions: 13.8" diameter, 16.5" height
  • Outer dimensions: 16" diameter, 20" height including lid
  • 15 gallon (15.8 gallon capacity filled to brim)
  • Inner dimensions: 15.7" diameter, 18.9" height
  • Outer dimensions: 18" diameter, 22" height
  • Lid has a silicone seal.
  • Insulation is polyurethane expanding foam.
  • The entire vessel is insulated, including the bottom and the lid and cannot be heated from an external source.

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