UniVessel™ Fermenter

This is the best deal for a fully stainless steel fermenter available in the US.

The primary function of the unit is as a fermenter, but for those who are tight on space or wanting an economic option it can also double as a kettle.

-Pressed gallon markings

-Easy to clean

-Includes airlock and #10 rubber stopper (45mm hole)

7 Gallon UniVessel Fermenter Dimensions

22 gauge, 201 type 201

12" inner diameter, 16" height

14" outer diameter at the widest point and 20" height with ball valve and airlock

14 Gallon UniVessel Fermenter Dimensions

20 gauge, SS type 201

16" inner diameter, 19" height

18" outer diameter at the widest point and 23" height with ball valve and airlock

Other details:

-Can alternately be used as a brew kettle on gas burners (not ideal for glass stovetops)

-Can be used to ferment beer, wine, mead, kombucha, etc. (not recommended for high salinity brines such as sauerkraut)

-Airtight seal is achieved with a replaceable silicone gasket in the lid

-Can be modified for tri-clamp lid pressure transfers

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